First Glimpse Of The New World

You emerge from your shelter, basement, cabin in the woods wherever you chose to escape from the chaos. The last radio broadcast was over a week ago, and the silence that feels like an eternity is driving you nuts. You decide to venture out to see just how bad things have become, but what will the world look like? Will it resemble anything close to what you remember, or will everything be a blackened ruin? What you encounter will vary depending on how things came to an end. This is a list of some of the things you’re most likely going to see to help better prepare you for that first glimpse.

Land Of The Dead

However the apocalypse comes the recent dead will have been abandoned to rot where they fell, but if it was a pandemic bodies will be almost everywhere. Like the layers of a tree the dead will be in different stages to chronicle how things happened. During the initial outbreak bodies will be neatly bagged and shipped off to disposal sites like household garbage, chances are good you’ll probably bump into one of these disposal sites. (Most likely an open pit) As the virus spread. Those who collect the bodies will start to die themselves. Corpses will be left either on the curb in front of their homes or in their beds. Also expect to see many gardens and lawns converted to makeshift graves. In the final stage those who where still alive died in their cars trying to escape, or locked away in makeshift quarantined shelters that became compromised.

Smashy Smashy

With the breakdown of civil authority comes looting and vandalism. Expect to see stores and malls smashed up, and their contents broken or hauled off. You may find the shop owners and hired security beaten to death while trying to defend their stores. Fires from Molotov cocktails and explosions will go unchecked eventually setting whole communities ablaze. It’ll be as if the whole world went insane.

The Abandoned

People won’t be the only ones suffering from the horrors of the apocalypse, animals either pets or farm animals will be left to fend for themselves. Many household pets won’t be able to escape their master’s homes or the pet shops and will starve to death. Most cattle having lost much of their survival instincts due to selective breeding to weed out aggression will simply wander their enclosures unable to figure out how to escape and die.


The ruined freeways of the wasteland will be jam packed with the rusting ruins of thousands of cars. This will mostly be encountered outside of major cities as those fleeing took to their cars in a desperate attempt to escape, only to find the highway packed with others with the same idea. Or a HEMP blast (High Altitude Electro-Magnetic Pulse) from a nuclear warhead scrambled the electrical components stopping traffic dead in their tracks. If you have access to a working car, stick to either going off road, or use roads that are off the beaten path. Using these roads will also be a good way to avoid potentially hostile survivors.

Nuclear Cook-Off

After about a week all those nuclear reactors will start to go Chernobyl, their reactors will begin to overheat causing the enriched uranium to melt through the floor to mix with the ground water and cause a massive explosion. Keep a VERY wide distance from towns or cities that have a nuclear reactor. They may have been shut down before they had a chance to explode, but play it safe anyway, besides radiation won’t give you super powers.

This is going to be a major shock to probably all of you and it will affect you in different ways. Some of you will be able to quickly adjust to what happened, where others will need to take some time to. Understanding the type of individual you are will help you to become better accustomed to the things your going to see out there. Remember there’s no rush to run around out in the wasteland unless you have good reason to, such as looking for food or supplies, or leaving an area that has become irradiated. Take the time you need to adjust properly.

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How You Can Prepare For The Apocalypse

On my website http://www.TheRazors-Edge.com I talk about how to survive after the apocalypse. But what can you do before this happens to make yourself mentally and physically ready to deal with the hardships from this life altering experience? Unfortunately there is no one simple answer or task that will make you 100% ready to deal with everything you know and love being destroyed, some people just won’t be able to cope with these changes and will crack under the strain of the stress. But there are things you can do to reduce the chance of yourself falling into that category, here are a few of my personal suggestions of things that I’ve done and plan to do in case the apocalypse happens.

Stay Fit

Being healthy is always a good thing, but especially so in a world where you can’t rely on doctors or hospitals to help you since they probably won’t exist. Being fit reduces the time it takes your body to heal, and keeps you in a positive state of mind, which will be crucial when dealing with the horrors and despair of the wasteland. Find a routine that works best for you and that you enjoy doing, not all routines work for every person, so finding one that you like will make you want to do it even more. Whatever it is try to have it mix strength training with some type of cardio routine.

Weapons Training

The cops won’t be their to help you if a gang of wasteland raiders is after you for your supplies, knowing how to use a gun will save your life. Get familiar and qualified with different types of firearms, (Pistol, rifle, shotgun etc) and book regular practice time at a range. If guns aren’t your thing learn archery, a simple Google or phone book search will list the locations of various archery and shooting clubs in your area.

Self Defence

I’m always surprised at how few people know how to throw a punch, or properly defend themselves from attack, especially women. At the very least take a basic self defence course, there usually just a couple of hours per session in the evenings. Even if the apocalypse never comes (Hopefully it doesn’t) this is a good thing to have in case you are confronted by an attacker.

First Aid

Everybody should know basic first aid and CPR. This is an essential skill after the collapse as you could be on your own or with a small group of other survivors for a very long time. With no doctors to help you you’re going to need to know what to do if someone or yourself gets injured. First aid courses are pretty cheap and the course only lasts a couple days. Many employers also offer first aid and CPR classes, which means a few paid days away from work and a free course for you. Plus you get to make out with a plastic mannequin, how sweet is that.

Go Camping

When I say camping I mean not to a cabin, I mean get a back pack and hike deep into the mountains. Learn to use a compass and GPS to find your location, and go for long hikes with your back pack to get used to having to carry your own supplies for long distances. Try to also learn about how to fish, set traps to catch animals, and edible plants and berries.

Fix Your Own car

Most of use these days can barely change a tire, let alone try to figure out why our car won’t start. Practice doing things like changing your cars oil, and changing oil and fuel filters to start. Learn about how your car or truck works and what the various parts do. Look up in your area if there are any courses that offer mechanical training.

Read Up On Survival Tips

Watch movies and read books on survival advice, shows like Man vs. Wild or Survivorman are good examples of shows to watch to give you ideas of things that you can do. Find books on the subject and try out the things they suggest. In corporate them into your next camping/hiking trip to get familiar with them.

Make A Emergency Kit/Bug Out Bag

Have all the kit you need ready to go in one bag that’s located in an easy to find place. The bag should have enough supplies to last you for a minimum of 72 hours (3 days) if you need ideas on how to make one, or need supplies for one follow these links to my site to help get you started.

Bug Out Bag

How To Pack Your Bug Out Bag

Survival Gear

Have A Plan

Get together with your friends and come up with a survival plan. Practice techniques together in your spare time. Have a meet up point in a safe location when the apocalypse comes for you and your group to get together. Remember to keep your plan flexible, you do have to live your life after all and there is no guarantee when things are going to happen. One of your friends may be in the hospital, or you’re away in another country on a business trip. Do your best to prepare for situations like this, and keep your plan simple. The most complex plans are usually the first to fail, keep it simple and keep everyone informed, and your chances of surviving the apocalypse get a whole lot better.


Are you prepared for the Apocalypse?

We see the apocalypse portrayed in the movies, and in games such as Fallout 3 (Awesome game) but how many of us are really prepared to actually deal with it? Are you fully prepared for the drastic changes that are going to happen? Here are some of the things you’re going to see.

Server Down

Most of us are pretty handy with a computer; after all you wouldn’t even be reading this if you weren’t. Every year we become a little more dependant on those wonderful little plastic and metal boxes. We use them for pretty much anything from gaming, news, to even ordering a mail order Russian bride. Many of us sadly are addicted to them, spending countless hours surfing gaming, and yes looking at porn.

Now all of a sudden you’re internet connection goes down, permanently. All those YouTube videos, that date you had planned with MissHottie54345 (who’s probably a guy named Tim by the way) has slipped from you’re fingertips forever. Are you going to be able to go cold turkey from that? How will those internet junkies react to this sudden change…………….not well at all.

Cable Is Caput

Don’t expect to find out who’s getting voted off the island this week when the apocalypse comes. Chances are they may be in a better position then you are. Depending on how things go down, all stations will switch to an emergency broadcast or news channel and bombard you with information before going dead. If the end comes suddenly say for example a nuclear strike, don’t expect any warning other, you’re TV will just go to static.

Bye Bye Burgers

Our food is delivered to us via a complex network involving thousands of individuals, multiple forms of transportation and tight deadlines. A small disruption such as a late delivery truck can mean those Eggo waffles you’ve been craving aren’t on the shelves when you go shopping. If that network is badly damaged or destroyed expect the stores to be empty in about a week. (Less if people are panicking)

Black Out

Power plants have buttons, those buttons need fingers, and those fingers belong to people, without them expect to have only a couple days of power before they shut down. This means everything from phones, the fridge, sewer and water systems is out of order, leaving you almost completely isolated.

No Phone And No T.V Make Me Go Smashy Smashy

With no power, means no street lights, no stop signs, and no security systems. This will be a time of opportunity for those looking to loot from stores. And with the phones down no cops unless they happen to be on patrol in the area. Store owners may try to defend their stores; those that had to work for minimum wage at 7-11 however are probably going to abandon their post.

Martial Law

Once civil authority begins to crumble the army will step in. This transition will not be a smooth one, overnight you’re civil liberties will disappear. These are people you don’t want to piss off, remember they will have more and bigger guns then you and are all much, MUCH better shots.

Prescription Pain

Like our food distribution system, pharmaceuticals require a complex network to deliver medicine and drugs to their destinations. They will also run out faster then food once that network collapses. Expect shortages in critical medicines in a couple days or sooner. Doctors and medical staff will be swamped and may not treat you even if you are severely injured for several hours to days. You may not even be able to reach a doctor or hospital because of the chaos.

In my next post I’ll discuss some tips that you can do to help prepare for the initial phase of the apocalypse.


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