Going Solo Or Wolf Pack

If you’ve watched any old westerns such as The Good The Bad And The Ugly, or movies such as Mad Max there is a common theme. A lone hero with no name and a mysterious past rides in and takes care of business. Now both these movies are in my opinion classics, (I could watch them over and over and never get tired of them) but will going it alone out in the wasteland of the ruined world be the smartest thing for you to do? Or is it better to team up and have someone watch your back? Both options offer unique advantageous and disadvantages that you need to seriously consider. Here are some things to consider when choosing which option is best for you.

Introvert vs. Extrovert

The first thing you need to ask yourself if going it alone is for you is “Can I handle being alone?” People fall into two categories extrovert and introvert. Extroverts need social interaction to give them their energy and drive. They thrive in environments where there are lots of people and enjoy being social butterflies. If you’re this type of person, forget going alone you’ll go crazy quickly. If you’re an introvert however you don’t need other people the way an extrovert does, you draw from yourself. (I know I’m an introvert myself) This will make long periods of isolation much easier to bare

The Need For Speed

If on foot (probably you’re primary method of transportation) going alone can be faster, but this depends on those around you. A well coordinated team will out perform every time. A group or two individuals can also cover more ground, which is especially important when scavenging for food and supplies.

Night Watch

Having a partner watch your back so you can get some sleep is always preferred, having a small group to take turns keeping a watch is better and will allow everyone to get a better sleep. This system will only work if all the individuals don’t slack off. If one of your group falls asleep on their watch it could spell doom for everyone. If you’re forced to go it alone you’re going to have to become a very light sleeper fast, and always keep a weapon within reach.

Maximum Firepower

If stealth and sniper style shooting is your preference then going solo is the best option as any potential threats won’t see you coming. Chances are however that they’ll probably know exactly where you are, and while you’re struggling to get a clear shot (Unless you’re properly trained of course) one of their buddies is sneaking up on you from behind. Having a group means more guns, and more guns means more bullets aimed at the jackass trying to kill you and steal what you have. It also allows you to carry more ammunition and more types of weapons. And like women with their shoes, in the wasteland you can’t have too many guns.

A Shoulder To Lean On

Things are going to go south in a big hurry if you get hurt out in the wasteland and can’t get medical help. If you’re lucky you’ll bleed out and expire quickly. If not well let’s just say it’s not going to be fun. Those that travel in small groups have a huge advantage over lone individuals by just being able to help each other out if one gets hurt (Well hopefully there will probably be those that would turn their back on those in their group if one was hurt)

Now that the hard decision is over you can focus on what kind of shoulder pads you want to sew onto your leather jacket, or which hockey mask makes you look the most badass.

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