Searching For Food

You’re supplies are only going to last so long until you need to find food, if you are in an urban environment in the post apocalypse this means one thing, you’re going to have to forage for it. Foraging is a fancy way of saying stealing or looting, but since those original owners will be gone or worse, their supplies are up for grabs. This doesn’t mean however that you can just bash in any door you want and wander around like you own the place. There will be other survivors doing the same thing, some of them may be living in those places you’re considering looting. Here are some guidelines to help you find supplies while staying alive.
1. Observe

Before you go into any location looking for food, take the time to scout it out first. You obviously don’t want to wander into a location that’s already inhabited unless you’re planning on making contact with them. From a safe location and under some cover to avoid detection look for visible signs of human life. These will include but won’t be limited to

- Recently moved items

- cleaned up debris and repairs

- Vehicle traffic

- Sounds (generators, voices, gunshots etc)

2. Stealth And Speed

These are you’re two best friends in the post apocalypse world. With no background noise coming from traffic or construction sound will travel farther, so smashing in the front door will be heard over a greater distance. Keep as concealed as possible, stay along the edges of buildings, and in shadows as much as possible. When it comes time to move do it fast and move from cover to cover staying as low as possible. If you’re cover is separated by some distance zig zag when you run, meaning move to the left and right rapidly. This will make it harder for a shooter to get a fix on you.

3. Entering

Now that you’re beside the building you want to enter you have to figure out how to get inside. Instead of trying to pry open the front door look for an alternative such as going through a window or another available entrance. Remember to treat each location as if it’s being defended, doors and windows may be rigged to traps.

4. Once Inside

Now that you are inside the building or home, the same rules for outside apply indoors, keep a low profile and move as quietly as possible. If you have a flashlight use it sparingly as light will make you visible. One way to help get around that is to have a red lens as this will reduce how far the light travels, but will make red letters invisible. Remember once inside to allow you’re eyes to adjust to the darkness before you start to move, this will take approximately a minute, this will also give you time to listen for movement to indicate if you’ve been detected or not.

5. Be Quick

Don’t screw around once inside move from room to room as quietly and quickly as possible to avoid detection. Be cautious around blind corners and when entering rooms as there could be additional traps or a potential ambush waiting to happen.

6. Signs Of People Means Get Out

Things such as lit candles, fresh food, are just a couple signs of recent human activity. If you see something that looks like people are still there GET OUT ASAP (As fast as possible). The choice is up to you whether or not you keep any items you grabbed or drop them on the spot. Personally I would keep them and get out fast, because if they catch you they will probably treat you the same regardless if you have anything of there’s or not so you might as well take the chance.


  1. Your post reminds me a lot of that post apocalyptic movie Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman was in not too long ago. I liked it because it showed, very realistically, how real people would act in that type of dire scenario. I can't remember the title or know if you've even seen it or not but Washington's character did a lot of the things you have suggested. Damn, wish I could remember the name so you know what I'm talking about. Anyway, there was one occasion where Washington and Mila Kunis (from "That 70's Show") are almost at the point of feeling a tiny bit comfortable at the old married couple's house. The old folks were eccentric but nice This elderly man and his wife were acting completely normal and they ended up staying at their house for awhile until they found some bodies in a holding space in the ground. Later they found out that the old folks are befriending survivors that come to the door, take them in,
    and then kill them later when the survivor(s) are feeling comfortable with them and trust them.

    You know, if I were in that type of situation, I would never be able to trust anyone, a stranger like that, no matter how genuinely kind they acted. I would always have a gun nearby and hidden. Would it be a good idea to have a gun (safety on, of course) underneath your pillow while staying at a seemingly kind hearted stranger's house or some other abode?

    Actually, that subject alone (accepting shelter from a stranger and what should one be aware of) might make a good post for you. Just an idea. Take care.

  2. Like the topic. You keep it simple. Simple means survival.

  3. Necessity is the mother of invention. If you're hungry, you'll find ways to feed yourself and your family somehow or the other.