Should You Stay Or Should You Go

I recently watched a video on YouTube from some guy who lives on the east coast. The guy was apparently pissed about how people seem to be bug out crazy, and that those people are preparing to fail. Needless to say it got me thinking on the subject, and while I still hold true to my stance that everyone should have one in case of the unexpected, it did make me think that there are times when staying put at home may be a better option for you. Here are some examples why boarding up the windows instead of hitting the road will be a better option.

Well Water

If your home has its own separate well system, meaning it’s not connected to a city then you have a constant supply of water even if the power goes out, provided you can keep the well running. You might need a generator to do this but as long as theirs ground water you will have all the water you need.

Government Response

When you look at some of the worst disasters in history there have been times when the government has fallen on it’s face in regards to helping it’s citizens promptly (Think hurricane Katrina for example) In a global disaster the government will be all but absolutely useless to help. Going to a government shelter may put you in a far worse situation then what you want to be in.


If you live in a rural area then staying put makes sense as the area you live in probably won’t get a lot of visitors and leaving you safer from marauding gangs of thugs and looters.

Food Supply

A bug out bag may hold a few days worth of food, but your home may hold weeks or months of food depending on how much you prepared in advance.

You Know The Terrain

Unless you just moved in and the apocalypse happens, chances are you know the area very well. This will make it a lot harder for a would be attacker to sneak up on you, and a whole lot easier for you to set up traps and ambush points for those attackers. This also means you know what resources you can use to survive. For example you might have a trail nearby that leads to a river to catch fish, or an abandoned shed that can be used a storage facility.

Less Trauma

What I mean by this is that staying at home will give you a certain degree of comfort when things go to hell. The radio and power will go out for sure, but being at home will give you some sense of comfort because it’s familiar.

More Resources

Like food and water there will be other things you can use from home to survive. Chances are you’ll have access to tools, a garage, a car as an escape vehicle (If it runs), flammables to start fires, and scrap materials to build traps and weapons to defend yourself.

So what would you do? Would you decide to stay at home, or do you feel your residence is too vulnerable you feel you need to leave it when the apocalypse happens?


  1. I think you should definately prep a shelter and stay at home. I'm not sure the world is going to end or of that much else, but better safe than sorry. If you stay at home, you can be more prepared, have more supplies, and have a long term plan. I read The Road and I don't want to be involved in any plan that results in living like the characters in that book.

  2. I'm with Jessica. I'd stay home, but then again I've grown up in a rural area and live in a small town now.

    Thanks for the visit by the way- I've been busy or I would have stopped in sooner. =)

  3. I agree if you live in a rural area the advantage is huge compared to myself living in downtown Vancouver.

  4. I have some Traume with my family too. Dunno why, this would be worst if I dont leave from home. Not only that, I went to college without money, motivating spirits from my parents, and others. Im still collecting some money for my life, only myself.

  5. I live in a mostly rural area and to tell you the truth, the only reason I would leave would be in search of food and water. Once I've gotten what I need, I would find a way to make it back home with little notice and without being followed. I'm pretty sneaky, in this regard. The lack of electricity would be an inconvenience I could deal with, I believe, even without the generator. But this is all conjecture on my part since the real thing hasn't happened... yet.