First Glimpse Of The New World

You emerge from your shelter, basement, cabin in the woods wherever you chose to escape from the chaos. The last radio broadcast was over a week ago, and the silence that feels like an eternity is driving you nuts. You decide to venture out to see just how bad things have become, but what will the world look like? Will it resemble anything close to what you remember, or will everything be a blackened ruin? What you encounter will vary depending on how things came to an end. This is a list of some of the things you’re most likely going to see to help better prepare you for that first glimpse.

Land Of The Dead

However the apocalypse comes the recent dead will have been abandoned to rot where they fell, but if it was a pandemic bodies will be almost everywhere. Like the layers of a tree the dead will be in different stages to chronicle how things happened. During the initial outbreak bodies will be neatly bagged and shipped off to disposal sites like household garbage, chances are good you’ll probably bump into one of these disposal sites. (Most likely an open pit) As the virus spread. Those who collect the bodies will start to die themselves. Corpses will be left either on the curb in front of their homes or in their beds. Also expect to see many gardens and lawns converted to makeshift graves. In the final stage those who where still alive died in their cars trying to escape, or locked away in makeshift quarantined shelters that became compromised.

Smashy Smashy

With the breakdown of civil authority comes looting and vandalism. Expect to see stores and malls smashed up, and their contents broken or hauled off. You may find the shop owners and hired security beaten to death while trying to defend their stores. Fires from Molotov cocktails and explosions will go unchecked eventually setting whole communities ablaze. It’ll be as if the whole world went insane.

The Abandoned

People won’t be the only ones suffering from the horrors of the apocalypse, animals either pets or farm animals will be left to fend for themselves. Many household pets won’t be able to escape their master’s homes or the pet shops and will starve to death. Most cattle having lost much of their survival instincts due to selective breeding to weed out aggression will simply wander their enclosures unable to figure out how to escape and die.


The ruined freeways of the wasteland will be jam packed with the rusting ruins of thousands of cars. This will mostly be encountered outside of major cities as those fleeing took to their cars in a desperate attempt to escape, only to find the highway packed with others with the same idea. Or a HEMP blast (High Altitude Electro-Magnetic Pulse) from a nuclear warhead scrambled the electrical components stopping traffic dead in their tracks. If you have access to a working car, stick to either going off road, or use roads that are off the beaten path. Using these roads will also be a good way to avoid potentially hostile survivors.

Nuclear Cook-Off

After about a week all those nuclear reactors will start to go Chernobyl, their reactors will begin to overheat causing the enriched uranium to melt through the floor to mix with the ground water and cause a massive explosion. Keep a VERY wide distance from towns or cities that have a nuclear reactor. They may have been shut down before they had a chance to explode, but play it safe anyway, besides radiation won’t give you super powers.

This is going to be a major shock to probably all of you and it will affect you in different ways. Some of you will be able to quickly adjust to what happened, where others will need to take some time to. Understanding the type of individual you are will help you to become better accustomed to the things your going to see out there. Remember there’s no rush to run around out in the wasteland unless you have good reason to, such as looking for food or supplies, or leaving an area that has become irradiated. Take the time you need to adjust properly.

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  1. Interesting blog. My mom saved water for ages back in the 50's and 60's.