Riding Out The Storm Part 3 (The Great Escape)

Now has come the time to get out of the city, either food is getting low or the situation is becoming more dangerous, you need to escape. Staying in the city is a death trap; fires, gangs, and the decay of the dead are more then enough reasons to head to the countryside. But it won’t be as simple as jumping in your car and driving down the highway, you need to plan and you need to be prepared, here’s how.

Know The City

First off look at a map of the city you live in, all those major freeways, highways, and other major roads in and out of town will be blocked. If it was a pandemic expect to see military checkpoints in an attempt to quarantine the city. If it was a nuclear strike cars that have been rendered useless from a HEMP strike (High Altitude Electro-Magnetic Pulse or EMP for short)

When planning your escape look for “range roads” or small country roads that are on the outskirts of many cities (An example of this would be Edmonton Alberta Canada which has dozens of these roads, either dirt or paved that can lead in and out of the city and are rarely used. Now not all cities will have this but there should be roads of some sort that will lead out of the city.

Pack Supplies

Don’t wait until you are completely out of food and water before you decide it’s time to go. You don’t know what lies outside of your immediate area. Don’t depend on pre apocalypse knowledge that a 7-11 is here and a Starbucks is down the road that sells those muffins you like. They may still be there but looted and gutted. Keep enough supplies for the trip for at least a week. Any spare parts gas, oil and anything else you think you might need should also be packed and ready to go. If you’re worried that your car will be broken into keep the supplies packed in one location that is easy to grab if in a hurry. Think of it as a bug out bag for your car.

Be Invisible

The last thing you want to at this point is to attract unwanted attention to yourself. At this stage your probably armed with nothing more then a kitchen knife, trust me this won’t do any good in a gunfight.
You want any potential hostiles to “look over” you as if you’re just another part of the landscape. Don’t make eye contact or make any sudden gestures or movements that could be misinterpreted by others.

Go With Your Gut

If you ignore every thing I’ve written as B.S don’t ignore this. Your gut or instinct is the most powerful sense you have, the majority of the time if you get an odd feeling or a little voice in your head that says “This isn’t right” go with it. If you see something whatever it is, if it doesn’t feel 100 percent right no matter how innocent or right it may look its wrong, THIS WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE.

If you follow those simple steps and keep your head and wits about you, you should be able to escape the city with little trouble, of course there is never a guarantee that you won’t run into problems but your odds are at least good enough to give you a fighting chance if you listen to what I’ve written.

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  1. Good advice -all the way. My gut feeling usually serves me well.

    Your advice in this post reminds me a lot of what I saw in a recent movie. "The Book Of Eli"

    I like where you put your comments thing now. More visible. Or maybe I just didn't notice last time I was here.