What Mad Max Can Teach Us (Part 2 The Road Warrior

The Road Warrior for me is the best of the three Mad Max movies, it also can teach us some valuable lessons for what the world will be like in the immediate aftermath of the apocalypse. The story of The Road Warrior takes place approximately five years after the events of Mad Max where Max, broken and having lost everything leaves the dying embers of civilization behind him as he ventures into the wasteland and the unknown.

The first thing the movie can teach us is that no matter how things come to an end, the cities that most of us live in won’t be suitable to live in anymore. Once the oil, electricity, and water stop pumping into your home you won’t be able to live there, unless you have access to fresh water and land to farm. The decay will almost start immediately. People will be wandering looking for a new home and place to start over again. This will also be the most difficult time after the apocalypse, as survivors fight for the scraps of what’s left or new land to call their own. There is no set time line for this transition period, depending on how things go down and the level of destruction it could be a matter of a few weeks, to years.

This brings me to my second point, the oil refinery that Max discovers has been surrounded by a biker gang led by The Humungous, a hockey mask wearing psycho bent on destruction. As the new lines are being drawn those with the ability to group together large bands of survivors will use them to get what they want, most likely through violence. If this sounds far fetched go back to your school days when you had to fend of bullies trying to steal your lunch money. This will be the new law of the land. Those with the means will exert their control on whoever they want, and their won’t be any repercussions to them.

Isolation will be a brand new experience for the survivors, something those trying to make it in that refinery would have known all to well. We exist in a world of constant interaction via the internet, TV, and other forms of media. Every year with new tech for phones and Ipod’s as well as faster smarter computers the space between us shrinks. Now imagine suddenly that everything is turned off, no phone no internet, no TV, you go from fully wired to flat line in a short period of time. Back in the 80’s when The Road Warrior was made this wouldn’t have been much of a problem, today however expect a dramatic increase in suicide, depression and nervous breakdowns from those that survive. For the first time in many of our lives we will feel truly alone.

Also Max shows us that eating dog food is part of a balanced breakfast.


  1. Yep, eating dog food is part of a balanced breakfast. Ha ha. I think it's part of the five main food groups.

    I agree, man. People will go from human to an animal in less time than most people think -when they do think about it. But I think most people bury their heads up their ass, when it comes to dealing with the REAL TRUTH of things to come. Everyone should have some sort of plan, at least in the back of their heads, of what they had better do in the event this kind of scenario plays out. People can learn much from websites like yours.

  2. I should add, too, that if a terrorist were to somehow be able to hack into our electrical power circuitry across this country or the whole world, that would cause major chaos and decline of civilization, too. Especially if they somehow were to be able to keep the back up generators from coming on.

  3. They might be able to tap into some of the power grids but they farily divided. It would take hundreds of coordinated attacks by hundreds of individuals to cause major destruction like that. That's not saying it's impossible, just the level that's required might be out of their reach at least for now.