Some Of my favorite videos by neckisstiff

I use a lot of videos from YouTube and other video sources, both on here and my website (The Razors Edge). There is one user on their in particular who in my opinion stands out with their creative fan made music videos, that user is neckisstiff (his channel is http://www.youtube.com/user/neckisstiff ). I've used a couple of his videos on different pages of my website but I though I would share a few of my favorite videos on this blog


  1. I liked the "Road Warrior Wasteland" and Rob Zombie one the best. Of course, I'm partial to anything musical from Rob Zombie, man. Cool set of vids, dude!

  2. Yeah this guy puts out some really amazing stuff, I told him that YouTube should pay him for this kind of stuff

  3. Ha ha. They should but probably wouldn't.