A little video I made of The Road Warrior

The other day I downloaded one of my favorite movies of all time The Road Warrior onto my computer. While I was waiting for it to download, I decided to make a fan made music video for it. The song I chose is Shoot To Thrill by ACDC one of my favorite bands, let me know what you think of it.


  1. Good song choice. We have the same taste in music, I see. You did well putting this vid together. It, the song, really goes well with the movie clips. I love watching watching action movies with the right song to accentuate it. Sometimes, when my friends and I were playing "Rambo" in the woods, in our twenties, I would have heavy metal songs running through my head like I was in a movie. We used those big heavy duty squirt guns and threw rocks at each other for fun. Paint ball guns weren't around that much then. Maybe not at all. Eh, I'm rambling again.

  2. Yeah that takes me back to when I was a kid building forts in the woods and waging little wars...that and trying to make home made explosives. I made another one you'll like this one is from Mad Max