1. The best parts of this last movie (but there always hope for a fourth) were the fight scenes in Thunderdome and in the pig shit area. Any scene involving the Australian kids was the weakest. Most depressing part is where he realizes he killed a retarded man (because the man was masked)and the midget/engineer dude is crying over him. The song is cool, too. Even though, I'm more into alternative and metal music, myself. Love the video you put up here.

    I've got all 3 movies on DVD and I break them out for viewing about twice a year. Seen all 3 in the theater, of course, so I'm a big fan, too.

  2. Yeah I'm more into rock and metal myself. I didn't create the video or most of the ones on this blog and my website but I thought it was really well made and went with the theme of the blog post.

    A little interesting bit of information Blaster was in the first Mad Max movie

  3. Yeah he played the retarted farmer kid, guy whatever he was. He's in there just before Max's family gets killed when their staying out in the country.