Apocalypse Man Got It Wrong

The other day in my quest to find good content for my website and blog I found Apocalypse Man. I was immediately excited having heard a lot of people talking about this show and how great it was. After watching it however I was pretty disappointed, while there is some useful tips and information on the show, overall it was packed with a lot of nonsense and bad ideas that will get the average person hurt or killed. By the way if you haven’t seen this video I do have it up on my website (The Razors Edge Apocalypse Man Video) Here are just a few examples of  some things you will see on Apocalypse Man that either won’t work, or are just plain ridiculous.

1. On The Move

While it’s an extremely good idea to stay mobile after the collapse, running around like a chicken with your head cut off will tire you out FAST. The average male (Depending on age and health of course) will need on a regular day between 2000 and 2500 calories a day (Women about half that). That’s on a normal pre apocalypse day. After the apocalypse you’ll need more to compensate for the constant moving, so running everywhere while you’re dehydrated and starving is not a smart move. A better alternative is to conserve your energy and walk until you need to start running. This will also keep you aware of your surroundings better and avoid injury from trips or falls. Not to mention your shoes will last longer.

2. River Crossing

On the show they suggest you don’t swim across the rivers due to contamination (Makes sense) instead they suggest using a small crowbar and rope and use it like a grappling hook to swing across and then climb up. While this idea does work, the chances of getting the crowbar to latch on in the first attempt are slim. Second you then have to climb up the rope to get to the top of the bridge, a feat that will tire you out in itself if you’re not in good shape to begin with. Save your energy and keep close to the rivers edge, eventually you’ll find an easier way to cross, or come across a boat or materials you can use to make a raft.

3. Breaking And Entering

The show suggested that you smash your way into any locked house when you need to loot for food and supplies, by using speed and aggression to gain entry. This works when you have numbers and are armed. If you are alone and possibly unarmed this is just plain stupid. Never Never Never give up your main advantage when you’re alone and that’s stealth. Kicking in doors to houses you don’t know is an excellent way to get killed. First you don’t know if anyone is inside, and second there could be traps such as a shot gun rigged to the door. If the house has something valuable and is owned by someone they will take means to defend it.

4. Backup Generator

At one point the host decides to head to the hospital to utilize the backup generator, I still don’t understand why he went their in the first place. Anyways he discovers that the diesel generator is empty, which is no surprise so he sets out to get some fuel. Now getting the fuel is one thing and he does have a somewhat effective method of getting it, the amount he gathers though is not nearly enough to keep that generator going for more then 15 minutes (Not anywhere near the 4 hours the show suggests) and that’s if you manage to get the generator to start. Chances are very good it’ll be seized up from being bone dry and may not start at all. Also don’t use the same hose to get fuel to suck up water with, and definitely not some stagnant puddle that a bird probably crapped in, that’s another good way to get sick and or die.

5. Hotwiring A Car

This one made me laugh, while he did make a good point to go after an older car (If you can find one). And he correctly as best as I could see hotwire the car properly, he forgot one tiny bit of information. That little bit of information is that there is a steering wheel lock that prevents the wheel from being moved without the key in the ignition, a kind of anti-theft device if you will. In order to get the wheel to turn you need to remove this and possibly the ignition depending on the make and model of car. By doing this you don’t even need to fiddle with the wire you can start the car or truck with a screwdriver.

6. Bio-Diesel

No he needs to fill up his ride, what does he use, grease from the grease vat of a fast food restaurant. This will actually work, just not the way they teach you. First off the antifreeze you put in your radiator won’t work to make bio-diesel, and second using a heavy shirt to act as a filter won’t work either. Other options for alternative fuel can be things such as rubbing alcohol or the drinkable kind such as Vodka, Tequila, even Whiskey will work. Just don’t use beer or those fruity drinks you find at some club, sugar in the gas tank is something you don’t want.

That being said don’t disregard Apocalypse Man as complete crap, there are some good lessons to be learned such as how to use steel wool to start a fire for example. Check it out and decide for yourself if the show has information you can use. At the very least it will give you something to think about when making your own plans to prepare.


  1. I have also seen the show. Like you I think some things are to Hollywood. I believe the makers of the show see it as entertainment rather than good information. Most people live with the "It Won't Happen To Me" belief. They think people like you and I are psychotic survivalist. "Call us what whatever you want"!!! We call ourselves "PREPARED"!!!

  2. You nailed it on the head. I do understand that Hollywood does have to entertain, and with this show they have pulled that off, it's very interesting to watch. But if there going to spend all the money it takes to produce a show like this they should at least have to courtesy to get as much right as possible.

  3. Your observations are right on, brother. Only you and anyone who knows his shit on the subject, could pick out the mistakes this guy made. I watched the video and found what you explained to be the real truth.

  4. The thing that bothers me the most about the show while it does include some useful information is that it completly focuses on far-fetched ideas that will get those who watch the show and take it to heart injured or killed, and those who have legitimte useful information are left in the shadows while this guy gets rich.

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