A Tale Of Two Cities

Vancouver and Edmonton are two very different and distinct Canadian cities in western Canada. I’ve spent considerable time at each one, so I got to thinking what would the advantages and drawbacks of these two cities offer in the post apocalypse world. What could a survivor expect to see in either one. So here’s a comparison of the two.

Edmonton is the capital city of the province of Alberta, and has a population of about a million if you include all the surrounding areas such as St. Albert, and Sherwood Park.

Advantages for post apocalypse survival

1. This city has a high number of trades people, be it welders, pipe fitters, carpenters, or oil workers it seems like everybody and their dog is a tradesperson here. If the apocalypse happens you have a huge knowledge base of people to help rebuild.

2. Alberta’s economy is fuelled by oil and gas, in the city there are a number of refineries or and storage facilities located in and near the city. This makes fuelling vehicles easier, making transportation easier

3. The city is surrounded by good farmland that in the right hands could be cultivated

4. The largest military base (land forces) is located just north of the city, complete with a military prison, runway, and rifle ranges.

5. The west Edmonton mall is a giant complex complete with indoor gun range, hotel, and tonnes of shops making it an ideal location for a large group of survivors to hold up


1. Edmonton typically has 5 to 6 months of winter where the temperature can drop below minus 40 Celsius

2. The North Saskatchewan river which divides the city in two is the close source of water. Along the river are such things as a land fill, and sewage treatment plant making the water in locations unsafe. And being the only source of water in the area, a potential battleground.

3. Edmonton is one of the most spread out cities I’ve ever lived in or visited, having a vehicle is necessary to be able to look for supplies. The poor road conditions also mean that vehicle has to be a 4x4; roads almost deteriorate before your eyes from the freezing and thawing during the last months of winter and spring.

4. There is an unusually high concentration of fat chicks


The city hosted the Olympic and now Paralympics games, this city is a rapidly growing with a population of almost 2 and half million (Including the surrounding areas) it’s located beside the ocean, and is a one of the largest trade and tourist hubs in North America

Advantages for post apocalypse survival

1. The warmer climate means the temperature rarely drops below 0 Celsius, this is ideal for growing food all year long.

2. Vancouver has an unlimited water supply source not only from the ocean if you can filter out the salt, but from the amount of rainfall the city gets

3. The waterways themselves can serve as an alternative way to get around the city if the roads and highways are clogged. This also means that cargo ships, and cruise ships are also in port throughout the year, giving the survivors access to more supplies.

4. With the amount of movies, T.V shows and independent films constantly are shot in the city there are a number of warehouses and studios suitable to hold up in, in the event of the apocalypse. There are also many large arenas downtown or near downtown that could make suitable base for larger groups of survivors

5. Those who live in Vancouver are some of the healthiest people in the country, making medical problems easier to deal with in the post apocalypse.


1. A smaller number of trade’s people, Vancouver has almost 20 % of the countries cooperate headquarters meaning a number of the population are office workers, which translates to no practical skills other then some organization type skills for the post apocalypse.

2. While scavenging for food will be easier in terms of distance, they will be harder because of the amount of survivors.

3. Access to firearms other then the reserve base and police stations will be harder to acquire.

4. A number of survivors will be “Type A” personalities making organizing them more difficult, especially if they look down on you because of your pre apocalypse status

5. Vancouver is a very multicultural city, when the apocalypse happens, it will become harder to communicate with some of these groups if they don’t speak the same language. This could lead to a backlash or racial tension between survivors.

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  1. Hmmm. Given the information you have given, advantages and disadvantages, I would choose Vancouver as a place to live, rather than Edmonton. I can't handle the cold weather for that long. Sounds almost as bad as Indiana. Holy shit! From the get-go, I would have trouble surviving from the start. Very informative post. It makes me want to study the town I live in for post nuclear strike or other type of disaster -survival.